The Clueless Boyfriend

In July 2014, my play, The Clueless Boyfriend, was performed at the Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale in Toronto. 

Two teenagers try to save their best friend’s relationship from disaster when they find out he wants to buy his girlfriend something from a general store.

This is a piece reflecting on modern teen relationships, and how there is a lot of societal pressure for them to go a certain way. One should never pre-judge a relationship, because all relationships are their own creations of the two people involved. 

Written and Directed By Alie Rutty


Joseph Santalucia as Matt

Nastasia Pappas-Kemps as Sam

Shane Nichols as Dan

Colin Robson as Vince

Militza Noelle Boljevic as Erin

Lillian Korkontzelos as Anna

Ginger Elliott, Helen Victoria Toner, Sauvanne Julien, Lea Paas-Lang, and Karolina Kotus as The Dancers

Claire Morris, Andrea Lee, Karen Duong, and Nicole Nedelcu as The Musicians

Music scored by Arie van de Ven

Special thanks to Ben Ruddock 

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