In a year where we were meant to stay home, I wanted to move out. 

The year 2020 began with my primary goal: I wanted to move out of my parents' house. After living in the same place from the age of 13 to 23, I was ready for a change. The move also meant I had a lot of emotions and physical stuff to go through (I still do). Since I knew my time in that house was coming to an end, I started to evaluate the space I had created for myself, as well as the space my family had created around me. What was I going to miss? What things did I want to leave behind? How was my routine and lifestyle going to change in the future? In August, I was able to successfully make the move, despite Covid and all. As I continue to adapt to my new space, I am still sorting through all the media that I created throughout the last year. I grew and changed a lot, as did everyone I imagine - so as I find what I want to share, I will put them here. 

Me and my cave.

When we went into the first lockdown last March, I spent as much time outside as possible. My backyard became my sanctuary. 

I miss the familiarity of my home the most. The television running, the speakerphone phone calls with family members, my dog sleeping in his four favourite spots...

What makes a home a home? 

It's March again, and here are some things I've come to love about my new home: the natural light, the plants, the friends who have become family, the movie nights, the inside jokes, and, once again, my stuff is sort of scattered everywhere...

I haven't been inside my parents' house since December, but when it's safe to go in again, I will have to revisit the things I left unsorted. Then we will see how this ongoing project develops.

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